Wild Dog & Hyena Pull Baby Out of Impala That’s Giving Birth

Wild Dog & Hyena Pull Baby Out of Impala That’s Giving Birth


A wild dog and hyena pull a baby out of an impala that’s giving birth after the predators corner the poor antelope! Nature can be cruel, but thankfully for the impala, a swift death ended her suffering. This incredibly-rare moment played out in the Kruger National Park.

Wild dogs and spotted hyenas are two of the most ferocious predators in Africa. They do not hesitate to take what they can, as quickly as they can, when the opportunity presents itself. Competing with lions and leopards contributes to their haste when coming across an easy meal.

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Although both are seen in the bushveld, often together, it is rare for these 2 species to feast on the same meal without fighting. However, this was the case when a pack of wild dogs and a hyena hunted the same impala!

37-Year-old field guide, Terence Porter, was lucky to see this sighting unravel and shared the story with LatestSightings.com:

“I was walking around the camp when I heard one huge commotion. I ran to the fence to see what had been causing all the havoc and saw the wild dogs taking down an impala. The only thing I had on me was my mobile phone, so of course, I started recording!” 

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“I was super excited to see all of this play out in front of me.”

A spotted hyena soon appeared and the wild dogs accepted the sneaky scavenger’s presence and allowed him to join the meal without putting up a fight. They feasted on the impala until the hyena’s friends joined and took the kill from the wild dogs. Of course, hyenas can hunt prey of their own but are well-known for scavenging from other predators.

“It was one huge adrenaline rush and extremely rare! My advice to any wildlife enthusiast would be to capture the moment on film and enjoy it!” 

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