White rhino can't you pee...Nihondaira Zoo

White rhino can't you pee...Nihondaira Zoo

Rhino Reproduction and Lifespan - Female rhinos are usually ready to mate by 5 years of age, though they may be sexually mature by the age of 3.5 years. To signal their readiness to mate, they whistle, urinate, and defecate. Males leave the females soon after mating. Rhinos live between 35 and 50 years. White rhinos average a slightly longer lifespan than black rhinos.

How Long Are Rhinos Pregnant? Rhinos are pregnant for 15-16 months, though white rhinos may carry for as long as 18 months. Among land mammals, this incredibly long gestation period is second only to that of elephants. These behemoths carry their young for as long as 23 months! Due to their extended pregnancies, rhino populations struggle to recover from poaching and disease.


How Can You Tell If a Rhino is Pregnant? Like most other animals, rhinos grow larger and heavier as their pregnancies progress. Their abdomens swell visibly. Other than that, the best ways to determine pregnancy are by analyzing their stools or doing an ultrasound.

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