Bald cats are ready to have children

Bald cats are ready to have children

The SMACKS she gets in are CRAZY!😂 and the sound of their ears flopping when they do the head shake is incredible! You don't realize what a sound buffer fur is til there isn't any!😄 but absolutely adorable 😊💜

She knew she wanted him from day one. Now she's ready to have a litter of kittens 😂🤣. The joys of intimacy among creatures. of all of the many pet births videos I've been watching now lately (getting excited to adopt my own cat finally), it hadn't occurred to me until it was too late that, "oh right, since these are hairless cats, it's gonna be waaaaaaaaaaay easier to see the actual thrusting" lol


When your husbands on you for days and you finally give in…girl I feel you 🤣. She put up a hell of a fight though, props for that. I made my cat watch this. And he bexame curious by listening to the cats play. I wonder what he is thinking.....

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