Shabani gorilla courting his wife

Shabani gorilla courting his wife

When I started observing the Shabani family a year ago, I had an image that Shabani was indifferent to Ai, but recently she seems to be interested. As for Ai, she never refuses, and she even shows gestures to invite Shabani on her own. I couldn't confirm mating, but I sincerely hope that a new life will be born.

I've only watched the Momotaro family and just started watching Shabani family. So many differences in their behavior. Momotaro and Genki rarely interact and never play. Shabani family also walks on two feet a lot compared to Momotaro family.


I've heard it said that Ai is on birth control, and I've heard it said that Shabani does not recognize her as a partner. I don't know the truth of it, but what I do know is they are a beautiful couple! They are young and, perhaps, the luckiest gorillas in Japan since all the other female gorillas are at least 10 to 25 years older than their silverback. Hope their relationship continues to grow!

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