Rhino's in heat - Supper Hard Meeting - Wildlife Meeting

Rhino's in heat - Supper Hard Meeting - Wildlife Meeting

There are always comparisons between the machines humans make and the natural world. The Bronco, for example, is both an untrained, powerful horse AND a car. Humans just can’t help but take inspiration from nature around us! Occasionally, however, there is a showdown between what is manmade and nature’s finest. In a recent clip, we see a little example of how wild those encounters can be.

In the video, we can see that a large cargo truck is heading down a road surrounded by dense jungle on either side. Looking carefully, we can also see that there is a huge rhino sitting on the side of the road like a pedestrian at a crosswalk. As you might guess, some serious jaywalking is about to happen.


As soon as the rhino sees the cargo truck getting a bit too close, it decides that no, it isn’t going to let this affront slide. Charging out, the rhino strikes the truck along the side just as the massive truck is barreling by. This may look absolutely ridiculous from the rhino’s perspective, but it’s important to remember that rhinos aren’t the most intelligent of animals, and their vision isn’t all that great either. According to Rhinos.org, these creatures have fabulous smell and hearing senses, but their vision leaves a lot to be desired. The site states “The white and greater one-horned rhinos are the third and fourth largest land mammals behind the African and Asian elephant, and all four species have eyes that are much smaller than would be predicted based solely on body size.”

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