Mother Rhino save baby new born from Lion Hunting

Mother Rhino save baby new born from Lion Hunting

Rhinos are among the “Big Five” species famous in African wildlife conservations and national parks. Its population, which comprises five different species, is spread across the world. The white and black rhinos are the two dominant species found in Africa. The other three species – the Javan, the Sumatran, and the greater one-horned rhino – are found in Asia.

The black rhino, the Javan, and the Sumatran are considered highly endangered, while white rhinos fall in the near-threatened category of wildlife species. 

The population of Sumatran rhinos is approximately 34 to 47, while Javan rhinos are about 76, facing the risk of extinction. The greater one-horned rhinos are also a vulnerable species. About 4,014 rhinos fall under this category. 

White rhinos are the leading population at about 15,942 animals worldwide. Rhinos are large animals, with the smallest species, the Sumatran rhino, weighing about 1,350 pounds. White rhinos weigh about 7,720 pounds, the largest among all rhino species.


Rhinos are peaceful animals but can get aggressive when attacked, provoked, or threatened. An interesting video shows a large rhino running across the street without the slightest care in the world.

The short clip captures the animal making steady strides on the empty streets as it moves forward without causing disruptions. One person is seen seeking refuge after spotting the rhino charging in their direction, further clearing the path and paving the way for it.

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