Mostly beautiful zebra Facts 2023

Mostly beautiful zebra Facts 2023

The size and weight of these animals vary greatly from one breed to another. However, they all have the same general characteristics. The height is measured in hands instead of in inches. One hand equals the same as about 10cm or 4 inches.

All horses have long necks that hold up their large, long heads. They have big eyes and ears, which are well-adapted for many environments. A mane of long hair grows down along their necks and their short tails are covered in coarse hairs, too. They come in a variety of colors because they have been bred so long for different traits.


These animals are famously a hoofed mammal with one large ‘toe’ at the end of each leg. Their hooves consist of horn material which comes in different colors. Black is the most common hoof color, but horses with white feet often have white hoofs. White hooves are actually more brittle than pigmented ones. Appaloosa horses have a beautiful mixture of multiple colors. These types of painted horses often have striped hoofs that include both pigmented and white hoof material.

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