Lions Trap and Attack Old Leopard

Lions Trap and Attack Old Leopard


This heartbreaking sighting took place in the central-eastern parts of MalaMala game reserve. A pride of lions trap an old leopard up a tree. The leopard panics and jumps from the tree into the pride of lions, who then attack it!

35-Year-old senior game ranger Michael Botes experienced this disturbing moment and shared the story with

“We were on an afternoon safari and made our way to join a sighting of 12 sub-adult members of the Kambula lion pride. En route, we found the Mlowathi male leopard in a marula tree, close to where the lions were. I stayed with the leopard because the lions were walking in that direction anyway. The two sightings merged.”

“At first I was concerned for the leopard, but both species had spotted each other and seemed unbothered. The lions moved off and settled around a waterhole whilst the leopard groomed itself. The majority of the pride fell asleep, except for one female who kept a close eye on the leopard.”


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