How do you know if a mare is in heat?

How do you know if a mare is in heat?

There are clear signs that stallions use to tell if a mare is in heat or not. These are sometimes not so easy to recognize for us humans - especially when mares are not kept together with stallions and only show these signs in a weak form. In this film we show a few characteristics to look for in your mare to tell if she is in heat or not. The clearest course is of course to present the mare to a stallion who will interpret these signs for us, but that is not always we hope this film will help some of you mare owners...

Note: Extreme caution is required when handling stallions, especially when mating. As you can see, a stallion can really get going. I have to say that I didn't know either the stallion or the mare well and I had to help out that day. Although I have good experience in handling stallions, the sprint this stallion put in came as a great surprise to me. The stallion is an experienced stallion, but that day a stranger (me) obviously threw him off track.


I have a question, our mare was also with the stallion and hasn't been in heat for over a month she gave up two heats. Well, although according to the calendar they shouldn't be in heat, she has heat on the vagina again and also slime...however, she has no interest in other horses, geldings and stallions and kicks them away....I'm not sure if she appears now is pregnant or her foal has lost and is slowly getting back into heat... Has one of you ever experienced something like this and can give me tips on what I should do now

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