Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River

Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River

This was the utterly suspenseful moment a hippo attacks 3 lions crossing the river – will they make it across safely? This nail-biting sighting took place in the Selinda Reserve in Botswana.

Field guide, Parks, from Great Plains Conservation shared this incredible footage and story with LatestSightings.com:

Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River
Lions daring to cross river in Botswana

Lions are often referred to as the kings of the jungle. For the most part, this is true, as they are very dominant and territorial animals and of course predators by nature. They are incredible hunters and do not step out of their territories without good reason. But of course, just like any other animal – they will need to move through difficult terrain and risk dangerous encounters. Especially when their circumstances require it.

Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River
Lions swimming through Selinda spillway

This pride of lion were attempting to cross the Selinda spillway in Botswana. They were clearly aware of the hippos around them but obviously felt the need to get to the other side of the river. As soon as the lions started to cross the river, they realized they were now in unchartered waters. These waters had in fact already been claimed by the territorial hippos. But was it too late to turn around?

Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River
Unhappy hippo about to show lions who’s boss

Hippos are also very territorial and also known as very dangerous animals – especially when one gets too close to the water. Four lions crossing were understandably a threat to these hippos as they just saw these massive lions entering their territory. Unaware that the cats were most probably merely trying to cross.

Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River
Hippo attacks lions in Botswana

Will the lions make it across the river?

The one hippo makes it his mission to get these lions out of the water. Not to necessarily eat or even injure the lion severely. Merely to make it clear that they do not welcome uninvited guests in their home.

“It was exciting at the beginning, as it’s always great to see animals, especially cats crossing the river. When the hippo started chasing the lions, our excitement grew as I thought it would stop. I was very sad and worried that one of the lions were going to be killed by the hippo! Especially with how close and serious the charge was.”

Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River
Hippo biting lion

“It wasn’t a great feeling at all. The coalition got separated with 2 lions on our side and the remaining 2 on the other side. They had to take a long walk around the pool and used a shallower crossing to get to their partners. Luckily, none of the lions were severely injured.”


“I have been working in the business for over 10 years and this was a first for me. This was a lifetime experience. A sighting like this was definitely not something that was going to be repeated in the near future. I consider myself super lucky to have seen a sighting like this in real life.”

Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River
2 lions back on the side they came from

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Hippo Attacks 3 Lions Crossing the River
Hippo chasing lion out of water
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