Egun Horse Stallion Meeting Donkey On Farm

Egun Horse Stallion Meeting Donkey On Farm

Most of these horses are kept on farms or at horse breeders. This breed does exceptionally well in colder climates. Many Canadian horses live in Quebec, although you can find them throughout Canada. You can also find them in the United States, especially in mountainous regions, like Kentucky and Colorado, where they are often cherished for their sure-footedness.

The pony is fine, this stallion is just a friend. You can see in the video that the horse is calm, sometimes all the stallions can just show and hide back, it doesn't mean anything


Charming video! .....But it just seems a bit silly and counterproductive to me to have a channel that is partly about horse breeding, and then blur the stallion's penis in your video! 😆 I assure you, YouTube is not going to punish you if you don't "censor" this! They don't have time to check videos like this; they'll only investigate if there are a certain number of complaints or reports on a video. (It's not a close-up; no mating is shown; and if you don't designate the video as "made for kids", there should be no problem.....)

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