Deer Meeting Reproduction, Babies and Lifespan

Deer Meeting Reproduction, Babies and Lifespan

Mating season for mule deer begins in the fall. Males compete with one another for does. Does may mate with more than one buck during the season. Gestation takes 190-200 days. 

Usually, the mother gives birth to twins but first-time mothers may only give birth to one fawn. On rare occasions, does may give birth to three or even four offspring. They are born in the spring.

They are born in the spring. The typical survival rate for fawns is 50%. They stay with their mothers through the summer and are weaned in the fall, after 60-75 days of nursing. The typical deer lifespan is 10 years.

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Deer do hybridize with black-tailed and white-tailed deer. Their offspring with white-tailed deer are less adapted to the western environment, having more difficulty running and fending off predators.

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