Best Goat Crossing on the road look so happy family

Best Goat Crossing on the road look so happy family

Originally bred in the 1980s as a new species, Pygora goats are a genetic combination of the Pygmy goat and the Angora goat. The purpose of the new species was to create a softer variety of fleece, resulting in three different types of fiber that can be harvested. The breed only comes from mating in captivity, which is controlled by the owner, and the scientific name of the breed describes this shaggy nature of their coat before being sheared.

The scientific name of the Pygora goat is “Capra aegagrus hircus.” Sometimes referred to as a pygmy angora goat, this animal belongs to the Mammal class in the Bovidae family. The word “Capra” comes from the Italian word for nanny goat, while “aegagrus” indicates that the goat is wild. This name is also the same name as a king of Athens in Greek mythology. “Hircus” is potentially from the Latin word “hirtus,” which means hairy or shaggy.


Pygora goats are a relatively new species. This hybrid goat was only introduced to the public in the 1980s, and they are only bred with Pygora goats (rather than the other breeds that they are comprised of). While there are no current efforts to conserve the species, their population is primarily driven by the demand of farmers at their discretion.

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