Awesome European Dogs Breeding and Mating Village Dogs

Awesome European Dogs Breeding and Mating Village Dogs

Belgian Sheepdog Introduction : Belgian sheepdogs are a medium-sized breed which was originally developed to herd sheep in Belgium. Over the years, they have also proven themselves to be valuable assets to the military, police, search-and-rescue-teams, people in need of service animals, and families wanting a loyal companion and brave protector.

Highly intelligent, social, and energetic, these dogs are easily trainable and will take on much larger animals or people without hesitation to protect their families. They do require a dedicated owner who is willing to put time and energy into their socialization and training.


Otherwise, these dogs may revert to instinct and display alpha behaviors, including herding children like sheep, fighting other dogs, and becoming hyper-territorial. A well-mannered Belgian sheepdog will channel these instincts into enthusiastic play, watchfulness, and an appropriate reserve when meeting strangers.

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