Animals meeting horses good meeting

Animals meeting horses good meeting

The first horses forming the Canadian breed were imported into Canada from the stables of King Louis XIV of France in 1665 and 1670. By 1700, there were about 700 of these horses in the county, with farmers importing some into the United States. Just like then, the Canadian horse, sometimes called the little iron horse or the cheval Canadian horse, was prized for its great versatility as it could pull a wagon, do farm work and be ridden.

The scientific name of the Canadian horse breed is Equus ferus caballus. Horses registered with the Canadian Horse Breeders have a unique way to be named. The breeder chooses a herd name. For example, Murphy’s Law. Then, the next part of the name is the sire’s name. For instance, if the sire is known as Oder, Murphy’s Law Order would be the name.


Next, each of the names is given a unique one. For example, if you love the name Clover, then the horse becomes Murphy’s Law Order Clover. Finally, the horse is given a letter of the alphabet based on the year it was foaled. Pretend the horse was foaled in 2021, and the assigned letter for the year was J. Therefore, the horse’s full name would be Murphy’s Law Order Clover J. The names allow people to trace the horse’s heritage easily.

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